Winners announced!!

The winner of the 39 steps party 39 foot bean bag toss is ….

Erin Donald!!!    (Megan’s sister)

She had an amazing 42 point day topping the leader board and clinching victory.  Her prize?  She gets to babysit whenever she wants woohoo!!

A few honorable mentions are worth sharing:

  • Ruth (Megans’s mom) had the best success rate by ringing 100% of her tosses.  She tossed 2 and hit 2 for 12 total points.  Then she had the wisdom to stop there and walk away.
  • Roy beat Inge
  • Lena came in 4th
  • A lot of people beat Scott

Whenever you want to come over and throw things out our 3rd floor windows, just let us know!  It’s a lot of fun.

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